Slumming 2006

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The binge drinker and poet Franz Kallmann wakes up one morning to find himself in an unfamiliar world. He doesn’t understand the people around him, nobody knows him, and right in front of his nose the train station seems to have shrunk. Sebastian and Alex, one an independently wealthy young man, the other a perpetual student, are responsible, having abducted the unfortunate drunkard from one train station to a different one, from one country to another, but soon they too will find themselves struggling to understand each other and the world around them. A senseless prank has daunting consequences.


Directed by: Michael Glawogger
Screenplay: Michael Glawogger, Barbara Albert
Key cast: Paulus Manker, August Diehl, Michael Ostrowski, Pia Hierzegger, Maria Bill
Cinematography: Martin Gschlacht
Sound: Luc Yersin
Editing: Christof Schertenleib
Music: Peter von Siebenthal, Walter W. Czikan
Production Design: Maria Gruber
Costumes: Martina List
Makeup: Michaela Oppel
Producers: Erich Lackner, Martin Gschlacht, Susann Rüdlinger
Line Producer: Gilbert Petuschnig
Production Companies: Lotus-Film, coop99 filmproduktion, Dschoint Ventschr (CH)
Language: Deutsch
Format: 35mm, 1:1.85, Dolby SRD-EX
Running time: 100 min
Supported by: Austrian Film Institute, Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, Vienna Film Fund, Swiss Federal Office of Culture, Swiss Television
Premiere: 10.02.2006, Berlinale (In Competition)


BERLIN (56th International Film Festival – In Competition)
LISBON (3rd IndieLisboa – International Independent Film Festival) 
VIAREGGIO (23rd EuropaCinema Festival) 
SEATTLE (32nd International Film Festival) 
CLUJ (5th Transilvania International Film Festival) 
KARLOVY VARY (41st International Film Festival) 
JERUSALEM (23rd International Film Festival) 
YEREVAN (3rd International Film Festival „Golden Apricot“)
PALIC (13th European Film Festival) 
MOTOVUN (8th Film Festival) 
MELBOURNE (55th International Film Festival) 
BRISBANE (15th International Film Festival) 
TORONTO (31st International Film Festival) 
LEIPZIG (6. Filmkunstmesse) 
RIGA (XVII. International Film Forum „Arsenals“)
ANTALYA (43rd Golden Orange & 2nd International Eurasia Film Festival) 
ATHEN (12th International Film Festival „Opening Nights“)
VANCOUVER (25th International Film Festival) 
REYKJAVIK (3rd International Film Festival) 
CHICAGO (42nd International Film Festival) 
WARSAW (22nd International Film Festival) 
GENT (33rd Flanders International Film Festival) 
LONDON (50th Film Festival) 
SÃO PAULO (30th International Film Festival) 
LJUBLJANA (17th International Film Festival „life“)
GIJON (44th International Film Festival for Young People) 
GÖTEBORG (30th Film Festival) 
FLORENCE, Festival del popoli


Thomas Pluch Film Script Award 2006

PALIC TOWER for Best Achievement in Directing

SABAM Prize for Best Scenario.