Mai Thai 2005

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A one-minute film ought to bring happiness, a one-minute Mozart film has to bring happiness. So little time for exuberant joys, the zest for life, emotions, and pure genius. What would have brought happiness to Mozart? Would he have gotten a kick out of karaoke? Or would he have cringed at the thought of musically disinclined people attempting to sing the Queen of the Night to the on-screen lyrics? We don't know. I read that once on a trip to Prague he was pleased when he heard people on the street singing his songs. MAI THAI is a sing-along film. It is garish, Super 8, fast, sometimes loud and strange. That makes me happy. Maybe it would have made the great master smile too.

Part of the Series "The Mozart Minute"


Written and directed by: Michael Glawogger
Idea: Marian David
Cinematography: Michael Glawogger
Editing: Monika Willi
Music: Walter Czikan, Christian Brandauer
Flower Design: Attila Boa, Andrea Gurtner
Line Producer: Alfred Deutsch
Cast: Andreas Kiendl, Cindy, Linny, Winny, Manny, Ple
World sales: