Die Stadt der Anderen 1989

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Two women in two different countries leading different lives. One lives in Austria, one in Yugoslavia, yet their lives become strangely entangled for a moment in time. What if you wake up in somebody else's head and the city around you isn't the one you used to know?


Directed by: Michael Glawogger
Screenplay: Michael Glawogger, Marian David
Cinematography: Wolfgang Thaler, Hermann Dunzendorfer, Ortrun Bauer, Michael Glawogger, Peter Zeitlinger, Hans Selikovsky
Sound: Rainer Riese, Hans Schranz, Joachim Ramsauer, Hubert Canaval
Editing: Andrea Wagner, Michael Glawogger, Christoph Schertenleib, Ortrun Bauer
Music: Armin Pokorn
Line Producer: Eva Mayer
Produced by: Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts, Austrian Federal Ministry of Education and Culture
Cast: Karin David-Kienzer, Ksenija Prohaska-Byner, Mira Brlek-Kuric, Diego Donnhofer, Laza Vuksanov, Dunja Herzog, Barbara Zuber, Michael Kreihsl, Rita Waszilovics
Format: color/b&w 16mm, magnetic sound, mono
Running time: 30 min


Golden Bobby for Best Screenplay, Film Festival of the Film Academy Vienna, 1987