Whores' Glory 2011

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Whores’ Glory is a cinematic triptych on prostitution: three locations, three languages, three religions. Paradise, the world and the hereafter merge in prostitution to create an image of the relationship between men and women. In Thailand, women wait for men behind glass panes, staring at reflections of themselves. In Bangladesh men go to a ghetto of love to satisfy their unfulfilled desires on trapped girls. And in Mexico, women pray to a female death so as not to see and feel their own reality. Where the most intimate becomes a commodity, the product is expensive and fiercely contested. Making the reality all the more unexpected: Beauty lives amidst cruelty and violence, the mind becomes a personal jail, and love happens where you least expect it. www.whoresglory.com


Written and directed by: Michael Glawogger
Cinematography: Wolfgang Thaler
First assistant camera: Martin Hanslmayr
Sound: Paul Oberle, Ekkehart Baumung
Editing: Mona Willi
Music: Coco Rosie, Rosa Maike Vogel, PJ Harvey
Score: Pappik & Regener
Mix & Sound Design: Tobias Fleig, Matz Müller, Erik Mischijew
Music-Supervising & Clearing: Charlotte Goltermann & Tina Funk
Line Producer: Alfred Deutsch
Producers: Erich Lackner, Tommy Pridnig, Peter Wirthensohn, Mirjam Quinte, Pepe Danquart Lotus Film, Quinte Film (D)
Production companies: Österreichisches Filminstitut
Supported by: Eurimages, Filmfonds Wien, Deutscher Filmförderfonds, Filmförderungsanstalt, BKM Deutschland, Filmförderung Baden - Württemberg, Media i2i Audiovisual
Format: 35mm, 1:1.85, Dolby SRD-EX
Running time: 119 min
Premiere: 02.09.2011, Venedig (Orizzonti)
World sales: www.the-match-factory.com